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To capture the shape of stories is crucial forunderstanding the mind of human beings. In this research, we use word emdeddings methods, a widely used tool in natural language processing and machine learning, in order to quantify and compare emotional arcs of stories over time. Based on trained Google News word2vec vectors and film scripts corpora (N =1109), we form the fundamental building blocks of story emotional trajectories. The results demonstrate that there exists only one universal pattern of story shapes in movies. Furthermore, there is a positivity and gender bias in story narratives. More interesting, the audience reveals a completely different preference from content producers.
arXiv:1811.04599v1 [cs.CL], 2018.

Introduction to Computational Communication (In Chinese 计算传播学导论) now available on for pre-order! With the development of digital media, data-driven journalism, computational advertising, and media recommendation systems become a worldwide trend. At the same time, the study of information flow in online social networks has attracted a lot of attention; machine learning, as well as data science have made a big leap forward. Put together, all of these factors discussed above speed up the tide of computational communication research.
北京师范大学出版社, 北京, ISBN: 9787303241200, 2018.

We suggest that the tree-like, stable structure of clickstream networks reveals the time-sensitive preference of users in online browsing. To test our assumption, we discuss three models on individual browsing behavior, and compare the simulation results with empirical data.
In Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 34059 (2016) doi:10.1038/srep34059, 2016.

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. The Hidden Shape of Stories Reveals Positivity Bias and Gender Bias. arXiv:1811.04599v1 [cs.CL], 2018.

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. 计算传播学导论. 北京师范大学出版社, 北京, ISBN: 9787303241200, 2018.

PDF Code Dataset Project Slides Douban

. 计算社会科学视野下的新闻学研究:挑战与机遇. 新闻大学,2017(4)26-32, 2017.

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. Analyzing Mobile Phone Data With Network Science. The 67th Annual Conference of International Communication Association (ICA), San Diego, USA, May 27, 2017.

. 作为社会动员过程的互联网众筹公益:以腾讯乐捐为例. 《中国网络传播研究》, 2017.

. Building Open Teams to Leverage the Power of Turnover. Work in progress, 2017.

. 空间约束的人类行为. 胡泳、王俊秀(编)《连接之后: 公共空间重建与权力再分配》.北京:人民邮电出版社. pp. 262-271, 2017.


. Jumping over the Network Threshold of Information Diffusion. Work in progress, 2017.

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  • Bringing Back the Reference Group: Agent-based Modeling of Spiral of Silence. National postdoc grant (¥50000, 2015M571722)
  • The Network Threshold of the Formation and Diffusion of Public Opinion. National Social Science Fundation for Young Scholars(¥200’000, 15CXW017)

Attention Networks

This project aims to study the attention dynamics using flow network analysis.

Computational Communication

This project aims to establish the framework of computational communication

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scholarNetwork is a python package for crawling and visualizing the co-author network of Google Scholar.


News Map is built upon cartogram.js to visualize the Chinese provinces.


Using the Data from Global Terrorism Database (GTD) and googleVis-0.5.8, I visualize the global terrorism attacks over time. The remarkable negative relationship between kills and political stability can clearly observed.


networkdiffusion, an R package which can help simulate and visualize the network diffusion. Slides.

Wang, C.J. (2017) networkdiffusion: Simulating and Visualizing Network Diffusion Using R. The 10th China R Conference. Beijing, May 20-21.


scholarNetwork, a Python package to crawl and visualize the coauthor network of Google Scholars.



I am teaching the following courses:

  • FDU Graduate Course Introduction to Computational Communication

    See this GitHub repository for materials of python programming, data collection, basic statistics and machine learning, basic text mining, recommendation system, and communication networks.

  • NJU Master Course Big Data Mining and Analysis
  • NJU Undergraduate Course Data Journalism
  • NJU Undergraduate Course Programming Basics For Computational Communication


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