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scholarNetwork: Visualizing Google Scholar Network


Developed by Cheng-Jun Wang & Lingfei Wu

Cheng-Jun Wang [email protected] Lingfei Wu [email protected]


scholarNetwork is a python package for crawling and visualizing the co-author network of Google Scholar.

To use it, you must have access to Google Scholar, and you would also install beautifulsoup4 and networkx during the installation process.


Install from pypi using pip or easy_install

     pip install scholarNetwork


     easy_install scholarNetwork


    from scholarNetwork import scholarNetwork
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    import networkx as nx

    ## The seed of crawler
    seed = ''
    ## How many nodes do you want to visulize? Always start with a small one.
    Nmax = 21
    ## Get the graph g
    g = scholarNetwork.getGraph(seed, Nmax)

    ## plot the network
    pos=nx.spring_layout(g) #setup the layout

    nx.draw(g, pos, node_shape = 'o',
            edge_color = 'gray', width = 0.5,
            with_labels = True, arrows = True)


Of course, you can get a much larger graph to see what’s happening around you, just to change the value of Nmax. However, you have to be patient to wait for much longer time.

Cheng-Jun Wang
Associate Professor

Cheng-Jun Wang is currently an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University.