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Welcome to the Socrates Lab! We are a small research team affiliated with the Computational Communication Collaboratory, School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University.




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Exited to announce that our Group Dynamics Podcast is online!

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We play badminton every Sunday afternoon (17:00-19:00) from the autumn of 2021. I recommend the badminton course taught by Lee Jae Bok.

Lab News

  1. 陈志聪、周钰、巢乃鹏、王成军 *(2022)社会加速与传播游戏之间的张力:移动阅读的碎片化、多样性与持续性. 1st R&R. 新闻与传播研究.
  2. 卢林艳、李玉端、王成军 * (2022) 人工智能时代媒体行业的技能与未来就业:基于机器学习和网络分析. 2nd R&R. 新闻大学.
  3. Zhang Y., Feng M., Shang K.K. *, Ran Y., Wang C.J. * (2022) Peeking strategy for Online News Diffusion Prediction via Machine Learning. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications.598:127357. doi: 10.1016/j.physa.2022.127357.
  4. Yan X.F., Wang C.J. * (2021) With Greater Popularity Comes Less Responsibility: The Popularity Fallacy of Big Vs' Public Participation on Sina Weibo. Chinese Journal of Communication. 14(4):430-450. doi:10.1080/17544750.2021.1915833
  5. Xu H, Zhang Z, Wu L *, Wang C.J. * (2019) The Cinderella Complex: Word embeddings reveal gender stereotypes in movies and books. PLoS ONE 14(11): e0225385. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0225385
  6. Xinya Jiang, Sixing Hu, Yunjie Fei, Cheng-Jun Wang * (2022) The Reinforcement of Opinion Polarization on the Smart Media Platforms: Analyzing the News and Comments about Sino-US Relations on Toutiao. International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR). 11-15 July 2022, Beijing, China.
  7. 卢功靖, 卢林艳, 李媛媛, 王成军 *(2021)基于议题类型的临近预测:使用社交媒体预测新冠确诊人数. 中国网络传播研究. 20:93-117.
  8. 卢林艳, 李媛媛, 卢功靖, 刘熠, 王成军 * (2021) 社交机器人驱动的计算宣传:社交机器人识别及其行为特征分析. 中国传媒大学学报(自然科学版).28 (02):34-43+53. Data & Code.
  9. 苟泽鹏,董 悦,闫一帆, 王成军 (2021) 数据科学的浪潮:计算社会科学研究综述. 科学经济社会. 39(163):1-16.

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